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CBC Music: 30 hot Canadian classical musicians under 30, 2017 edition

From the article:

“In May, Adanya Dunn was “a properly flirty Musetta, looking fabulous and acting up a storm” in Against the Grain Theatre’s revival of its English-language adaptation of Puccini’s La bohème. “The kind of familial support, fun, and freedom we experienced over three-and-a-half weeks made us feel as though we had all been a part of each other’s lives forever,” she reflects. This month, the U of T, Glenn Gould School and Bard College Conservatory grad finds herself at Highlands Opera Studio in Haliburton, Ont., workshopping Mishaabooz’s Realm, a new work by Cree composer Andrew Balfour. Future plans include an all-Claude Vivier project with Soundstreams and a triple bill of opera-ballets with FAWN Chamber Creative, plus hobbies like archiving her family history and combing for treasures in second-hand shops.”

Read the full article, and learn all 30 musicians, here.

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