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Celebrate the 80th birthday of minimalist founder Philip Glass with an all-Toronto version of one of his most popular works.
“Glass and his American compadres like Steve Reich and Terry Riley have been like cowboys at a polo match, rarely displaying much reverence for what's proper or the dictums of the past.” —Interview Magazine
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In Music in Fifths (1969), Philip Glass’s ideas are at their most basic, using only addition and subtraction of notes in simple scales to create epic and hypnotic musical forms. The piece is inĀ “closed form” – a predetermined structure that ends when the accumulation of repetitions fill it out completely. Glass has always considered Music in Fifths a sort of teasing homage to [legendary pedagogue Nadia] Boulanger; it is written entirely in parallel fifths, a cardinal sin in the traditional counterpoint his teacher so carefully instructed.

This early work will be performed by an exciting ensemble of musicians taken from Toronto’s pop, jazz, and classical community. It will also be paired with a brand new piece collectively composed by the performers in homage to Glass’s music.

Read an interview from Interview magazine, where Bryce Dessner speaks to Glass about his work.

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Watch a video of Music in Fifths: