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Performances Main Stage - 2017 / 2018

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David Lang's provocative Pulitzer Prize-winning The Little Match Girl Passion
“"The Little Match Girl," Lang's piece is a rare bird in contemporary classical music: a broadly accessible work on which critics as well as the public bestow their blessings.
—Reed Johnson, LA Times
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American Composer David Lang

The Little Match Girl is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s best known tales and has attracted interpretations from Jean Renoir to Walt Disney.

“What drew me to The Little Match Girl,” explained Lang, “is that the strength of the story lies not in its plot but in the fact that all its parts – the horror and the beauty – are constantly suffused with their opposites. The girl’s bitter present is locked together with the sweetness of her memories, her poverty is always suffused with her hopefulness. There is a kind of naive equilibrium between suffering and hope. After all, the message is pretty simple: You need to pay attention to the suffering of people around you. It’s not like Grimm’s Fairy Tales where you wonder, well, what’s that story about?”


James Rolfe

James Rolfe’s, I Think We Are Angels will have its world premiere on this program. The work, for four voices and accordion, has a libretto based on the poems of Else Lasker-Schüler, known as “The Queen of Expressionism, a leading woman poet of the movement of poets and artists centred in Berlin.

James Rolfe’s world premiere, I Think We Are Angels, is co-commissioned by Michael and Sonja Koerner and Stanley H. Witkin.





  • Vania Chan, soprano
  • Andrea Ludwig, mezzo soprano
  • Colin Ainsworth, tenor
  • Stephen Hegedus, baritone
  • Michael Bridge, accordion


  • Jennifer Tarver, creative consultant
  • John Hess, musical director
  • Susie Burpee, movement artist
  • Andjelija Djuric, costume designer
  • Kim Purtell, lighting designer
Vania Chan
Andrea Ludwig
Colin Ainsworth
Stephen Hegedus