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Performances Main Stage - 2017 / 2018

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A ritual journey through life, through death, and beyond
“The Music of the End is where all is forever erased, where all becomes infinite silence.” —Claude Vivier
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Musik für das Ende invites audiences into a mesmerizing and utterly immersive experience featuring an intercultural vocal ensemble and actor. We proudly present the world premiere of the first staged production of this work by legendary Quebecois composer Claude Vivier. Choir 21, award-winning director Chris Abraham, and music director John Hess collaborate to create an intimate and unforgettable ritual that symbolizes some of the dominant themes of our time: exile, immigration, and “otherness”.

This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter initiative. With this $35M initiative, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.